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              The philosophy of Technical Institute is to provide meaningful contribution in those areas that encompasses the overall development of the state. For this reason Subas Group has given Priority and Attention to “Education” at all levels which is one of the most important factors of general prosperity and progress. Today there is an urgent need to create a pool of foresighted professionals with commitment and education in the areas of business, industry, health-care, medicine technology etc.

The Subas Institute of Technology has become a pen name in the twin city Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. It has reckoned as a force in the areas of technical education. Keeping with this mission, we have established a Degree Engineering College to promote and Develop professional education in a state like Odisha.

The Subas Institute of technology was established in 2008. Initially it was in the infant stage in the arena of technology. Now it has become a growing Technical Institute in Odisha. People of every nook and corner of Odisha have deep adoration for this college. It has become the pioneer in imparting quality technical education.

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